Global supply chain is emerging as a critical success factor for manufacturers and retailers across various industries in face of intense competition.

Primeway Cargo Pvt Ltd recognises customers’ needs for more effective global supply chain solutions to enhance their ability to expand into new markets, as well as to utilise working capital more efficiently through reduced inventory and facilities investment.

Day by day supply chain management has gained an importance in the business place like never before. We provide global supply chain management for all type of vessels. Crest Global has expertise and experience to visualize from Ship Manager’s and Ship Masters perspective. We draw our strength from our immense exposure to the real life problems of the marine industry

Primeway Cargo Pvt Ltd being lead by an ex Master Mariner, We can seriously anticipate and promptly address the issues in various ports world wide, to ensure that your shipments do not get delayed.

Behind every successful enterprise there is a strong logistics support.

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We don’t just manage suppliers, we micro-manage them. We have a consultative, personalized approach